Analysis of Solar PV connected with Multilevel Inverter along with MPPT techniques using fuzzy control system


Rupam Pradhan, PG Student , Mousam Sharma, Assistant Professor, Mukesh Kumar Chandrakar, Assistant Professor,
EEE, Bhilai Institute of technology, Durg, Chhattisgarh, INDIA.


This work is based on the solar photovoltaic cells installed and the maximum power point tracking techniques has been used and is connected in the conventional inverter and after that in the final phase multilevel inverter for interfacing and connected to grid or loads. The major part of the work is based on MPPT techniques and fuzzy logic control is used very frequently now a days because the rules can be set or predefined and the output for the various inputs defined. Due to the nonlinear solar radiations due to weather and other climatic factors, the desired values after that a multilevel inverter has been connected to convert the output and connected to load grid as per the load end requirements. Simulation is done on a Matlab software and the result is analyzed.