Analyzing Correlation between AQI and Spread of Covid Cases in India


Jainam Rambhia, Muskan Goyal, Dr. Vinaya Sawant
Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Information Technology Department, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Covid-19 led to a total of 6.4 million deaths to date worldwide and deaths in India accounted for 528k. This study looks at the spread of covid-19 in India and the effect of the Air Quality Index on it. Air Quality Index (AQI) is the combination of particulate matter, various gases, and pollutants found in the air. A high AQI signifies a more polluted environment. This study focuses on 2 particular matters, pm2.5 and pm10. PM 2.5 are those particles that have a diameter of fewer than 2.5 micrometers while PM10 is used to classify those particles which have a diameter of fewer than 10 micrometers. It analyses the AQI data of the Mumbai district and maps the data to the Covid cases recorded during the lockdown period. The dates analyzed in this study are before the start of vaccinations to make the study as unbiased as possible. This study aims to find reasons for the spread of viruses and thus hopes to prevent such a deadly outbreak in the future.