Anchored Learning Evolution in Interactive Electronic Environment and its Impact on Developing Digital Awareness and Academic Adaptation for Education Technology Students at the Faculty of Education- Ha’il University


Hamad A.Al-reshidi
Department of Instructional Technology College of education, University of Ha’il, Hail – (KSA), Saudi Arabia.
Mohamed Saad ElDin Mohamed
College of Education, University of New Valley, New Valley Egypt.


The current research aims at recognizing anchored learning evolution in interactive electronic environment and its impact on developing digital awareness and academic adaptation for education technology students at the Faculty of Education, Hail University. The researcher uses both of the descriptive and experimental approaches to answer the research questions. The research tools that have been applied and the findings have underlined, in calculating the value of (T), a statistically significant difference between the average scores of students in the pre and post-application in favor of the postapplication at the level (0.01) of digital awareness and academic adaptation scales. This illustrates the impact of anchored learning in developing digital awareness and academic adaption. It is proved that the impact size has reached (0.94) and (0.96), and has shown a high impact strength that has reached (7.75) and (9.79), which is considered an indicator of the effectiveness of anchored learning on digital awareness and academic adaptation.