Aot Based Multipurpose Robot


M.Kasthuri, Assistant Professor
PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu, India.


The development of a prototype of an autonomous controller based on AOT (Android Things) mobile robot system for multi- purpose surveillance & detection and localization. The progress came up with the system that is able to perform scrutiny tasks in industrial and military purpose when it is complicated to access unsafe and insecure areas directly without involving the human presence. The robot can be used for routine inspections of facilities or for targeted inspection of specific system components. This work describes about the design, construction and fabrication of multi-purpose field surveillance robot whose objective is to avoid implementing serious manual risks. The utilization of metal sensing system can be processed in defence platforms. The robot is dealt with multimode operations of roaming. Roaming facility is performed using ultrasonic mechanism. The development of innovation and monitoring process that make the most of state of art measuring and automation technology as well asrobotics promises improvement in the reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of inspections.