Application of Dynamic Voltage Restorer in Microturbine Generation System for Voltage Sag


G.Saravanan, Professor
EEE Department,VSB Engineering College,Karur, Tamil Nadu, India.


Now a days controlset-up has been undergoing several disturbances in electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. While altering the sudden electric load and higher power transfer in anextensive interconnected linkage leads to serious, security deficiency in power coordinationaction. The Distributedgeneration (DG) has drained aninordinateconsideration in distribution system due to drop in communicationloss, loadallocation property and enlightening the power quality. Amongst the different basis of DG, themicro turbines generation scheme has a best of improving stability of the system, dependability and power superiority.It may cause powerfluctuation effect problems of power quality. To see if it's possible to combine photovoltaics and a high-speed micro turbine. This broadsidedetermines how a micro turbine-based Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) can accomplish power quality problems such as voltage sags and harmonic falsification while still supplying electricity to consumers. During discontinuous loads, the micro turbine and renewable-based DVR will recuperate voltage sags.The hardware (Renewable with DVR) and simulations (Micro turbine with DVR) were performed in Kit demonstration and MATLAB/Simulink to demonstrate the DVR-based proposed strategy's effectiveness in smoothing the distorted voltage due to harmonics