Assessing The Impact Of Cost Inflation On Building Construction Material: A Study In Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia


Wondimagegn Tadesse Borku, Lecturer
Department of Construction technology and management, WolaitaSodo University, Ethiopia.
EsubalewTarku Yenialem, Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering, Wolaita Sodo University,Ethiopia.


Inflation is the process of continuously rising prices, or equivalently, of a continuously falling value of money. Price Escalation is an increase in the cost of any construction elements of the original contract and base cost of a project due to passage of time. The methods that used for this thesis were by collecting the data require for this study through preparing questionnaires. The investigation of factors that might contribute to cost inflation on construction material is significant in order to notice attention to specific areas of improvement for building construction projects in Wolaitasodo. Accordingly, this research attempts to assess the impact of cost inflation, to identify problems of cost inflation on construction material and adjustment and methods to manage/administer cost inflation on construction material in Wolaitasodo building construction projects, which can serve as the way forward for future work in coping with this inflation.Findings revealed that the major impacts of cost inflation on construction materials which have been occurring on the projects are improper risk management and improper team organization. Quality of workman ship, risk of project abandonment and Lack of firm price quotes are the factors that cause the cost inflation on construction material and adjustment problems on Wolaita sodo building construction projects. [5] Cited [11]