Assessment of Existing Irrigation Head Work to Hydropower Development:Kuraz Irrigation Development Project, Ethiopia


TadewosAdema Amona, NigatuToma Sana
Department of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia.
Azariyas Ayele
Department of Civil Engineering, Bonga University, Ethiopia.


Integrated development of water resources is a high priority consideration in the economic development of most of the developing countries, as food and energy continue to be among the most pressing needs and help to control flood, check soil erosion, provide water for irrigation and drinking purposes, generate electricity for industries.Kuraz sugar development project was planned and built only for irrigation water requirement, even though there are large amount of excess inflow exceeding normal inflow of irrigation requirements. An effort was made to identify possible power plant site by topomap for existing headwork for alternatives, the result indicates that it is possible at left side spillway for intake level of 480 m.a.m.s.l to 465 m.a.m.s.l at tail water level resulting gross head of 15m. Design discharge giving maximum benefit considering dimension of the project and site condition, subtraction of irrigation and environmental flow from average available flow 92m 3/ s selected. Reservoir Simulation Model(HEC-ResSim) was performed to evaluate the performance of different water uses, time distribution of water and power production. The potential power of 11MW can be developed by release of 92m 3 /sby integrating existing infrastructure without affecting the project benefit and surrounding environment of Kuraz Irrigation headwork.