Automate Infrastructure Delivery Through Devops


Dr.J.Dhilipan, Professor & Head, D.B.Shanmugam, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Applications, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram Campus, Chennai, India.
Dr.T.Prabhu, Associate Professor
Department of Computer Applications, Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute, Chennai, India.
Dr. A .Raj kumar, Professor & Head
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, K. Ramakrishnan college of Technology, Trichy, India.


DevOps, instrument absorption, robotizes the assignments of programming advancement by overcoming any barrier between programming improvement and activities group. This exploration paper presents the need and phrasing of source code the executives instruments utilized during DevOps life cycle. Various apparatuses exist for every one of the product improvement stages which are then assessed dependent on choice rules and the device with the most elevated score is being picked. This paper audits elective source code the executives instruments viz. SVN, Git, Clear Case. This investigation will be valuable for specialists/understudies to comprehend the usual way of doing things of DevOps for its source code the executive’s period of programming improvement.