Automatic Electricity Bill Meter Reading and Billing System for smart farming


V. Sivamurugan
Department of Information Technology, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai, India.


The Automatic Electricity Bill Meter Reading and Billing System introduces an inventive solution crafted to align with the specific demands of contemporary agriculture. Its primary objective is to automate the processes of electricity meter reading and billing, aiming to elevate efficiency and sustainability within the realm of smart farming. By harnessing latest technologies, including machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT), this system finely tunes the accuracy, accessibility, and management of electricity consumption data on farms. The strategic deployment of smart meters, equipped with IoT-enabled sensors, facilitates real- time data collection of electricity consumption in smart farming environments. By eliminating the reliance on manual readings, the system guarantees timely and precise data transmission to a centralized server. Employing machine learning algorithms, the collected data undergoes analysis and processing, enabling accurate billing even within the dynamic and intricate scenarios characteristic of farming operations. The billing process takes a significant leap toward automation, generating meticulous bills grounded in real-time consumption data. Smart farmers are granted access to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, furnishing comprehensive information on consumption patterns, billing details, and historical data. This transparent accessibility empowers farmers to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their electricity usage, fostering resource efficiency and cost- effectiveness in agricultural operations. Beyond the conventions of traditional billing systems, The Automatic Electricity Bill Meter Reading and Billing System for Smart Farming incorporates advanced features, including automated alerts for abnormal consumption patterns. This proactive approach empowers farmers to swiftly identify potential issues and implement preventive measures, contributing substantially to the overall reliability and resilience of smart farming practices. In harmony with the principles of precision agriculture and sustainable farming, this system stands as a noteworthy advancement in utility management for the agriculture sector. By embracing technological strides, it not only streamlines billing processes but also by empowers intelligent farmers to make decisions based on data, optimize the use of resources, improve overall productivity, and sustainability of contemporary agricultural practices.