Automatic Ignition Off For Bike When Brake Failure Using Limit Switch


Veltech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, Avadi, Chennai – 62
J.Silkson John
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram, Chennai, India.


We cannot predict the Actual tendency of an accident at what time that is occurs so it is always preferred to be cautious while designing a system that is related to utility of general public . brakes failure is one of the most commonly seen automobile failure where a person or a family tend to loose not just a man or a person but also their livelihood .The accident rate in India has been increasing day by day and human errors tend to occur as the nature of doing a thing by a human includes errors .mostly todays technologies has emerged to be completely automated but still when it comes to vehicles the brakes tend to be applied normally by a human. Particularly in relation to human life and health Some special safety systems have been designed into cars for the security of the passengers only, while others have been built for the safety of others. This is a brake disaster warning route that continuously tracks the dynamic state of the brake. If the brake fails, the switch activates, and the ignition turns off automatically.