Automatic Podcast Generation


Saniya Zahoor
Post Graduate Department of Computer Science, University of Kashmir, Hazratbal.
Shabir A.Sofi
Department of Information Technology, National Institute of Technology Srinagar.


A massive leap forward in the field of Human Computer Interaction in living memory has been achieved by the Google Duo system to sustain a natural sounding and coherent phone call with a human being without them being able to tell the difference. The computer system capitalized on recent developments in the field of Synthetic voice generation along with real time processing and response generation. The aim of this work is to replicate the success of that presentation as well as to build upon that body of work and generate useful content summaries which can be converted into high quality podcasts. In particular, our approach first comprises of extracting text data from web pages using various Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools as well as deep neural networks. After that it summarises text into byte sized chunks using extractive summarisation. Then, in the end it generates clear, high quality audio podcasts from the produced summaries using recently developed text to speech engines.