Ayurvedic Approaches For Kidney’s Diseases


Mr. Shubham S. Pawar, Ms. Trupti R. Borhade, Ms. Pournima Y. Endait, Ms. Neha, D. Bhandare, 
Students, GES’s Sir. Dr. M. S. Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

Ms. Punam D. Bagad, Assistant Professor,
Department of Pharmaceutics, GES’s Sir Dr. M. S.Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.


Renal system/ Urinary system consists of kidney’s, Ureters, Urinary bladder & Urethra, which is one of the important system for normal functioning of body. Kidney’s (a: or Vrikka) is one of the most important organs of the body. Kidney’s are present in pairs (left & right). These bean-shaped organs regulate blood pressure, maintain blood and electrolyte balance such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and other essential ions. Kidney’s role is to filter blood and remove toxic substances. Urine is waste and excess fluid that flows via the ureters into the basti (bladder). The current modern sophisticated lifestyle that people are living is causing serious dysfunction of regular body functions. According to Ayurveda, the human body is a combination of three factors: Doshas, Dhatu, Malas. Imbalance in these can be caused due to external or internal factors which may lead to various renal diseases or disorders. Some of the most common are Kidney’s Stones, Urinary tract infection,Diabetes Insipidus, etc. Ayurvedic therapy has been proved to be quite beneficial in treating renal disease & enhancement of kidney’s function. It works sympathetically to relieve renal issues and helps in the healing of injured kidney’s cells. In Ayurveda the kidney’s treatment is in the following order: 1)Ahara (Diet) 2)Vihara (Lifestyle) 3)Aushadha (Medicines). In this review we are focusing on the preventive measures/ remedies of herbal origin that cause less adverse/side effects & beneficial in all aspects. It also provides information on herbal remedies that can cause and treat renal damage.