Book Review Prof Dr. G. P. Tripathi, Indo-Western Jurisprudence (Allahabad Law Agency, Second Edition, 2018)


Sidhartha Sekhar Dash, Assistant Professor- II
LLM, IRPM  UGC-NET,  KIIT School of Law, KIIT University, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.


The study from the preface of the first edition, the author of the book has claimed the book known as Indo-Western Jurisprudence. The body of the book contains three projects which he completed under the philosopher, philosophies and of transcendental jurisprudence. The work done under these three projects constitute the body of this book which was initially released under title Indian Jurisprudence re-christened now as Indo-Western jurisprudence at the advice of the critics throughout India. In my view book of jurisprudence should not only focus on western philosophers but also the oriental, when particularly the students are from Indian continents even though they share the common law backgrounds. In this regard the author of the book made an attempt to web the both philosophies in a single volume and further leave the scope open for the wedding of the philosophies for better assimilation and comprehension of the students. The author should be given credit for setting the lines of insightful amalgamation.