Meena Devi
Doctoral Researcher, Department of Physics, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University, Jaipur ,Rajasthan


Carbon nanotubes have great mechanical, electrochemical and piezoresistive properties make the nanotubes an excellent material for construction of sensors. There has been a strong demand for producing highly selective, sensitive, responsive, and cost effective sensors. As a result, research emphasis is on developing new sensing materials and technologies by exploiting nanomaterials to develop next generation of sensors. Devices made from stretchable electronic materials could be incorporated into clothing or attached directly to the body. Here, we report a class of wearable and stretchable devices fabricated from nanomaterials with high durability and fast response. Carbon-nanotubes sensors assembled on stockings, bandages and gloves to fabricate devices that can detect different types of human motion including movement, typi ng, breathing and speech. The study is tried to explore the strain sensing characteristics of carbon nanotubes, nanowires, nanofibres and nanocomposites to develop various types of sensors. The technological goal is to integrate such sensors onto smart clothes or directly onto the body to monitor human motions in real time. This review aims to act as a reference source for researchers to help them in developing new applications of sensors based on nanotubes and other nanomaterials.