Cardless and Secure ATM Cash Withdrawal for Rural Areas


Sarala B, Assistant Professor, Rakshana S, Sahana B, Sakthi Maheswari M, UG students,
Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India.


An imminent revolution in ATM transactions is poised to tackle the shortcomings of traditional card-based systems. Relying on physical cards exposes users to theft and misplacement risks, exacerbated by the management of multiple cards. Introducing the innovative solution: a cardless ATM transaction process. This groundbreaking method allows users to effortlessly authenticate themselves using their unique fingerprints, eliminating the need for easily lost physical cards. Authentication involves meticulously comparing fingerprints with registered data, ensuring stringent security measures. Upon successful verification, users gain access to their bank accounts, each requiring a specific PIN. Advanced encryption techniques, such as AES, significantly bolster the security of this process. Connection between the user's verification device and the ATM is seamlessly established using Zigbee technology, bypassing the necessity for an internet connection. Once the correct PIN is input, users can seamlessly conduct transactions, including withdrawals and deposits. Noteworthy is the system's capability to designate guest users and grant transaction authorization, ensuring secure transaction approval even in the absence of the primary user, thereby enhancing peace of mind. The implementation of this groundbreaking project holds the promise of revolutionizing ATM transactions, enhancing both security and convenience. Furthermore, its independence from internet connectivity renders it suitable for regions with poor connectivity or challenging environmental conditions, underscoring its accessibility and adaptability. In essence, this innovative system heralds a new era for ATM transactions, delivering heightened security and convenience, poised to redefine financial transactions.