Cement Bags Receipt Automation on Customer End


Ragul S, Jainulafdeen A, Maheshkumar C, Karthik K, Parthasarathy P
V.S.B. Engineering College, Karur, India.


Cement Corporation restricted is totally automatic from stone quarry and crushing plant to packing and dispatch section. Power provides for electronic devices is usually divided into linear and switch power provides. The linear provide is also a relatively easy vogue that becomes more and more massive and important for prime current devices; voltage regulation terribly very linear provides might end in low efficiency. A switched-mode provider of identical rating as a linear provide area unit getting to be smaller, is typically tons of economical, but area unit getting to be tons of sophisticated .The cement baggage is calculated by measure the load of the load within the lorry and it may be displayed within the LCD screen that is visible to the lorry driver. And conjointly GPS are going to be connected with the setup that helps to trace the situation of the lorry and GSM 800C are going to be connected that helps in obtaining notifications for the manager within the packing and dispatch plant that what percentage baggage were delivered at every of the client location.