Changing Employee Relations during COVID – 19 pandemics


Dr. Dilip Nana Aher, Associate Professor
ASM’S Institute of Business Management & Research Chinchwad, Pune, India.
Dr. Vikas A. Barbate, Associate Professor
ASM’S Institute of Professional Studies, Pimpri, Pune, India.


The COVOD 19, which stated in Wuhan China in 2019, has taken a faster speed to spread across the world and will multiply in near future. Apart from creating panic and uncertainty in general population the next victim is significantly disrupting the all set and new businesses. New norms about work from home are drastically changing the way employees and managers interact. This is particularly relevant for the human resource department from the employee relation amongst employees and manager. The major concern of HR department is about communicating the company’s stance on the situation to employees. Numerous unreliable news is spreading false and unverified information through social media and company representative are not there to communicate face-to-face. The same is having impact on morale of the employees. So there is possibility of change in employee’s relation during this pandemic. Due to COVOD -19, All the offices around the world are working remotely, the company cannot communicate face to face with their employees, which could increase the sense of distance from the top management and the employees.