Cloud Computing Architecture


Pardeep Mehta, Assistant Professor
Dept of computer science, HMV college jalandhar, Punjab, India.


Cloud computing—delivering infrastructure, services, and software on demand via the network—offers attractive advantages to the public sector. It has the potential to reduce information and communications technology (ICT) costs by virtualizing capital assets like disk storage and processing cycles into a readily available, affordable operating expense. Unfortunately, architects more often than not assume that simply adding another server into the mix can fix any performance problem and security issues. Cloud is a platform shuffle that enables a fierce and contentious debate on the issues of security and performance surrounding how to secure information and instantiate trust in an increasingly open and assumed-hostile web operating environment. When you start adding new hardware/update existing hardware in a web cloud, the complexity starts increasing which affects performance and hence security. Here we will define the algorithms to keep both performance and data secure but flexible enough to allow for expandability. In this paper, we have highlighted the following critical issues for the leading Cloud Computing such as Characteristics of cloud computing, threats and performance analysis. This paper specifically discuss about the below-mentioned in detail.