Compact Spiral Asymmetric encryption Distributed Ledger –Secured and authentication Mobile Payment System in Higher Institutions


Assistant professors, B Sravani, Dr S Pradeep, A Damodar, K Kumar Swamy
Dept of CSE, Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women


Looking at the higher learning institutions, there is no question that the current methods for paying student fees are inefficient, inconvenient, and wasteful of time. In addition, the rise in the number of students studying in higher learning institutions has led to long frustrating queues and overcrowding in most financial institutions during payment of student fees. This paper sought to design and implement a secure block chain-based payment system for higher learning institutions in developing countries. Students are to use the proposed payment system to pay tuition fees and other student fees to their respective higher educational institution. In addition, students are to use the proposed payment to pay for goods and services provided by the institution and other merchants in the institution’s premises. In this study, object oriented software development methodology was used to implement the proposed payment system. The proposed system consists of a mobile e-wallet, RESTful API, and blockchain as the core component of the API.