Comparative analysis of T and I Shaped Rectangular Mircostrip Patch Antenna for Wireless communication Applications


Nivedita Mishra, Dr. Saima Beg
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Integral university, Lucknow.

Anand Kumar Gupta
Department of Electronics and communication Engineering UIET, CSJMU, Kanpur.


The following is an abstract of the paper, the mirror image design parameters and effective results for an antenna with a rectangular microstrip overlay using IE3D software is described that outcomes of the simulations and designs are displayed. The probe feed approach was used to generate the microstrip patch pattern. Such patch antennas have been investigated due to their large bandwidth and gain. This antenna is fabricated on an FR-4 epoxy substrate. This antenna’s performance and results are also matched to a standard rectangular patch antenna. Variables are utilized to improve the antenna’s simulation results are as position, space, length, and width of different mirror images T and I shaped antenna slots. The measured results from the simulated design show that the designed construction resonates at various closely separated frequencies that are within the frequency band allotment for wireless applications. At resonance frequencies of 2GHz to 3GHz, the bandwidth and return loss are significantly enhanced.