Comparative study for assessing the OSH relationship to the quality of construction projects in Egypt


Ewais Farag Ali
Sherif Mohamed Ahmed ali, Mohamed Amin Saad,
Assistant Professors, Bassam Abdelsalam Abdelsalam, Professor
Civil and Architectural Constructions Dept., Faculty of Technology and Education, Suez University, Egypt.


Background: Construction and architectural projects(CAPs) play a significant role in the economic development of most countries. The construction industry in Egypt has significantly grown in recent years. Due to this growth, the number of occupational accidents in the country’s construction industry has also increased. Methods: This study aimed to assess the Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) field. Then, the assessment effects on the construction project quality are evaluated. The statistical analysis of the question naire surveys conducted on project safety, quality, and executive management at construction companies based on the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences(SPSS). Results: After comparing two sites, the research results indicated differences in completion times and overall costs between the two sites.70% of the respondents agreed that the completion times, costs, and project qualities vary between the two sites. About 92% of the sample completely agreed and were willing to follow the international laws, which stipulate the principles of OSH in construction sites. They also agreed that there should be an increased understand in gof the importance of OSH management in sites, which can help prevent clashes between the two departments. Conclusions: Companies should hire a social worker to take care of the workers, help them solve their problems, and ensure that safety standards are being met in the construction sites. In addition, regular medical examinations of all workers must be conducted to ensure that the yare free from any occupational, non-infectious, or infectious diseases, such as the coronavirus.