Comparative Study of Heterogeneous Multicore Scheduling Algorithms on Media Codecs


Students, Nagendra Kumar Jamadagni, Aniruddh M, Dr. Govinda Raju M, Assistant Professor, Dr. Usha Rani K. R, Associate Professor
Dept of Electronics and Communication, RV College of Engineering, India.


All modern-day computers and smartphones come with multi-core CPUs. The multicore architecture is generally heterogeneous in nature to maximize computational throughput. These multicore systems exploit thread-level parallelism to deliver higher performance, but they are limited by the requirement of good scheduling algorithms that maximize CPU utility and minimize wasted and idle cycles. With the rise in streaming services and multimedia capabilities of smartphones, it is necessary to have efficient heterogeneous cores which are capable of performing multimedia processing at a fast pace. It is also needed that they utilize efficient scheduling algorithms to achieve this task. This paper compares some heterogeneous multi-core scheduling algorithms available and determines which is the most optimal scheduling algorithm given various codecs.