Comparison between osseodensification burs and osteotome technique for closed sinus lift in partially edentulous maxilla (clinical and radiological study)


Dr. Ali Nahi Hamdi
B.D.S M.Sc. Candidate, Oral surgery, College of dentistry, Hawler medical university, Iraq.

Dr. Shehab Ahmed Hemd
Assist prof., Oral surgery, College of dentistry, Hawler medical university, Iraq.


Dental implants are considered the first choice to replace lost or non-restorable teeth. However, the posterior maxilla remains a challenge in its management because of the quality of bone in the posterior maxilla. Osseo densification (OD) concept has been proposed in the literature to improve primary implant stability, which is an important aspect of osseointegration. Densah bur is novel drills specially designed to enhance a bone density by Osseo densification, which in turn increases primary stability. This present study was conducted to assess crestal sinus floor elevation by osteotome in comparison to Densah bur in the posterior atrophic maxilla. This was a randomized controlled clinical trial conducted on 20 patients to evaluate available crestal bone height loss, implant stability after implant placement in healed posterior maxillary alveolar ridge, whole bone height, Schneiderian membrane trauma, and post-operative complication.