Computerization of Railway Gateways Using PLC


Manjunatha Babu P, Ozwin Dominic D’souza, Shilpa G, Babu Naik G
BMS Institute of Technology & Management, Department of EEE, Bangalore, India.


The railway crossings are vulnerable to large number of accidents which are often deadly. In India, most of the railway crossings are manually operated by gatekeepers. In order to overcome this problem, automatic level crossing has been introduced by replacing the gatekeepers operating the gates using a Programmable Logic Controller. Firstly it deals with decrease in time for which the gate is being kept closed and secondly it provides protection to the road employers by dipping the coincidences. By retaining the automatic railway gate control near railway crossing the arrival of the train is identified by the sensors placed 2 Km away from the gate. The process is automatic error due to physical operation is prevented. The time for which the gate is closed is less compared to the manually operated gates.