Concept of Jean-François Lyotard on Postmodernity Situation and the Problem of Science Legalization – From Marx Philosophy’s perspective


Dr. Nguyen Trong Nghia
University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM –USSH), Vietnam.


In the flow of contemporary world history, the interactions between modern and postmodern values continue to be more bold, influenced by the leading person of information technology and communication. In the “most developed social situation”, many postmodern theorists seek to overcome traditional philosophy, including Marx’s philosophy. Human ideas will have another turn called “postmodernity”, but in the end, new forms of this way are still stuck. Moreover, Marx philosophy remains a preeminent legacy in at least two aspects posed by postmodernism: epistemology and the question of truth. It was realized, once again, that returning to Marx was an effective means of the ideological ailments of the new age.