Constants and variables in the story of Moses, peace be upon him


Moatamad Saeb Dally Ibraheem Al-Jaafar, Professor
Department of Quartic Sciences explanation, College of Basic Education, Al-Anbar University, Iraq.


Praise be to God who made Sharia based on interests and justifications, warded off deficiencies and spoilers with its rulings, and its rulings were the constants and variables, and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad Sayyid Sadat, the Imam of the Prophets on the Day of Resurrection at location of calculation. Above all the mentions, and those who followed them with charity until the Day of Judgment and the presentation of the records, and after: The Qur’an story is one of the most important things that the Holy Qur’an brought, because it contains lessons and sermons that serve the Islamic community. One of the most prominent stories of the Qur’an was the stories of Moses, peace be upon him. It included several matters, and among these issues is the issue of the constants and variables that the Islamic Sharia brought about. Yes, I wanted to shed light on the stories of Moses, peace be upon him, in the Qur’an, considering their significance on the jurisprudence of constants and variables, so the name of this research was (the constants and variables in the story of Moses, peace be upon him), and I made this research include two topics with an introduction and a conclusion, and as follows: