Consumers Attitude and Purchase Intention Towards User Generated Content- The Role of Brand Engagement, Perceived Credibility, Perceived Benefit and Perceived Risk


Dr. Smriti Mathur, Assistant Professor
Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow, India.
Ms. Akanchha Singh, Assistant Professor
School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, India.


Marketing sector has undergone a paradigm shift in its practices which results in shifting of power from firms to customers. The advent of Content marketing is one such important paradigm shift for how brands do business. It allows the enterprise to go beyond adding economic value and add intellectual assets to the ecosystem of knowledge. Latest form of Content marketing is User Generated Content. The rise of user-generated content has brought a new creator into the arena: the consumer i.e. it is a strategy through which customers are turned into ambassadors. This research paper is concerned with understanding the purchase intention of customers with the use of electronic word of mouth with special reference to fashion industry. The present study is based on both primary and secondary data. Primary data is collected through questionnaire from 300 consumers of fashion products. Analysis of Data is done with the help of SPSS. Secondary data was collected from review of books, research papers and various articles related to UGC.