Creative Learning Machine for image generation


Baidyanath Ram, Corresponding author, Vikash Kumar Singh,
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak, MP, India.


A picture is a piecewise representation of a digital image in which fine grained data, particularly pixels which define intensity level at a certain x and y coordinate are stored. Picture generation has seen a lot of research over the past few years especially with the advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence. Picture generation has seen the application of Generative Adversarial Networks and the likes for the task. The key concepts in picture generation might be object pose, object style and other object related attributes like brightness, depth and contrast. Generative Artificial Intelligence involves the usage of intelligent algorithms for the generation of objects like text, images, videos, music, etc. Image generation can be done with certain other techniques like continuous patch work generation, mixing, transformation, translation etc. In this research article, a new algorithm called CHUM (Creative Learning Machine) has been suggested which can help in the generation of images given an input data set containing sample images.