Decimating an Oligopoly: Study of how Jio Telecoms conquered the Indian Network Industry


Joydeb Debnath
University Institute of Science, Department of mathematics Chandigarh university, Ghuran, Punjab, 140413, India.


One of the most debatable and informational business contemplates is that of how Reliance Jio took over a commercial center control by BSNL, the latter who is uncertain of staying alive these days. Among a concise range, viable ways were utilized by Jio and the awkward obstacles looked at by BSNL lead to the creation of one the biggest network providers in India and furthermore made an exceptionally beneficial organization go to obligation. The paper expects to reveal the components and factors for BSNLs ruin and the manner in which it influenced the insights of telephone clients inside the nation. This paper furthermore reveals insight into Jio selling its SIM card without charge and the undeniable reality that not charging any money for a long time since its release changed the total telephone-charge structure in the nation. It’s a comprehensive report on the monetary, political, and psychological ways utilized by a shiny new organization known as Jio and its uncommon impacts until now, where Jio holds over half piece of the pie. The discoveries of this examination are masterminded get into terms of the effect on the all-out scope of endorsers in accordance with the Telecom Statistics India Reports from 2019.T