Deep Geospatial Analysis for Land Use and Land Cover


Vinila Kumari, P. Bhargavi, S. Jyothi
Sri Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati, India.


From the last decades, the data withhigh dimensional geospatial visualization is more important. To analyse the urban growth patterns and characteristic of spatial changes that take place in area of metropolitan.Where urbanization has been a universal important, social and economic occurrence taking place all around the world. This process with no sign of slowing down could be most powerful and visible anthropogenic force that brought more fundamental changes in land cover and landscape pattern around the globe. Building detection from satellite multispectral or hyperspectral imagery data is being a fundamental but a challenging problem because it requires correct recovery of building footprints from high resolution images.But for analyse it, the methodologies use of machine learning is not convincing and thus it takes more time to switch the sub domain of machine learning called deep learning. The convergence of deep learning with geospatial data analytics shall prove to be a boon to those who actually has a need to predict specific outputs over geospatial data.