Demystifying Khilafah Government and Democracy


Jurusan Ushuluddin, IAIN Bengkulu, Bengkulu, Indonesia.
Mahyudin Ritonga
Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatera, Indonesia.
Irfan Ahmad
Khurasan University, Nangarhat, Afghanistan.
Slamet Fardyanto
Meindo Corp., Indonesia.
Moch. Iqbal
IAIN Bengkulu, Bengkulu, Indonesia.


The Khilafah(or any other term) as the leader of the Khilafah state (or any other term) is of course the executor of the Consultative Assembly’s policy mandate. Khilafah is responsible to Allah SWT. and to his people, Khilafah leader is given the authority to appoint and dismiss ministers to determine technical policies and to protect, develop the potential and prosperity of society. The affairs of international treaties and war become joint affairs so they must get approval from the Assembly.Democracy is a teaching that upholds human right and is used as a measure for all matters. Meanwhile, Islamic teaching makes human right as part of the abundant gift of Allah SWT. loaned to humans as long as they live by carrying out their obligation to Him. Democracy is considered as a modern and perfect concept in social, economic and political life, so people also use and promote it. This mainstream is generally the way of life for Muslims today throughout the world. They think that democratization of social, economic and political affairs will lead to worldly prosperity, but it is not! In fact, the strange thing is that they think by carrying out social, economic and political worships by using democratic concept, they will feel prosperous as well as ukhrowi because they have performed other forms of worship, namely ritual worship. But it is not because Allah SWT. do not like to be fooled by believing some of His teachings while leaving some of His other teachings.