Deployment of Applications Using Nginx Ingress Controller


Students, Gautham S, Maddula Abhijit, Prof. Sahana. B, Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electronics and Communication, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India -560102.


Cloud computing is a method of storing and manipulating data by utilizing a network of remote servers. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular owing to its large storage capacity, ease of access, and wide range of services. Virtualization entered the picture when cloud computing progressed, and technologies or software such as virtual machines emerged. However, when customers’ computational needs for storage and servers rose, virtual machines were unable to meet those expectations owing to scalability and resource allocation limitations. As a result, containerization came into the picture. Containerization refers to the packaging of software code together with all of its necessary elements such as frameworks, libraries, and other dependencies such that they are isolated or segregated in their own container. Kubernetes used as an orchestration tool implements an ingress controller to route external traffic to deployments running on pods via ingress resource. This enables effective traffic management among the running applications avoiding unwanted blackouts in the production environment.