Design and Analysis of Hydropower Generation in Wabi Shebelle River, Somali region, Ethiopia


Rabin Selvaraj, Kemal Detu
Lecturer, Department of Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, Institute of Technology, Jigjiga University, Jigjiga, Ethiopia.


This research article presented as design of hydropower project on shebelle river as per the feasibility study. And it is obvious that, Ethiopia is richest with abundant water resources distributed in many parts of the country however; it has not made significant progress in the field of water resources development. Considering the substantial hydropower resources, Ethiopia has one of the lowest levels of per capita electrical consumption in the world. It enhances the economic development by providing sufficient energy. The objective in kebridahar hydropower project deals with the assessment of available alternative water resource for irrigations well as power production and to verify whether the potential projects appear technically, economically and environmentally feasible or not. The total design discharge of the spillway is 23.1m 3 /sec. by gumbell’s distribution method. The mass inflow curve is prepared using the consecutive critical dry periods for the years 2008 and 2012 and the total storage capacity of the reservoir is 397990m 3 . The total capacity in kilowatts or million kilowatts of all turbines –generator units installed in a power house, is 16723.892KW.