Design and Development of Battery Powered Tiller- A Review


Saurabh Khandekar, Dr. Tejpal Parshiwanikar
G.H Raisoni Institute of Engg and Tech., RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, India.


This review summarizes the evolution and widespread use of power tillers in agriculture, emphasizing their versatility and importance in modern farming. It explores the development of battery-powered tillers as environmentally friendly alternatives, discussing motivations, benefits, and challenges. Common problems with engine-powered tillers are outlined, along with suggestions for improvement and future research directions. The environmental concerns associated with traditional gasoline-powered tillers are highlighted, underscoring the need for sustainable alternatives like battery-powered tillers. Research objectives, including assessing environmental impact, operational efficiency, user experience, and economic viability, are outlined. The findings support the adoption of battery-powered tillers as sustainable alternatives, with recommendations for users, policymakers, manufacturers, and continued research.