Design and Development of Vehicle Theft Detection, Tracking and Accident Identifier System using IoT


Tejashwini R, M.Tech – VLSI&ES, Student, Dr. Subodh Kumar Panda, Associate Professor
Dept. of ECE, BNMIT, Bengaluru, VTU Belagavi, Karnataka, India.


Vehicle security is one of the major concerns that the entire world is currently experiencing. People generally own automobiles, yet these automobiles are not always secure. Vehicle theft occurs in parking lots, public places, and other unsafe areas. The vehicle’s manufacturer does not consider the vehicle security system to be a factor in the overall cost of the vehicle. Nowadays, only a few vehicles come equipped with high-priced security systems. Door locking, alarm system, GSM, GPS, and other security features are built into high-end vehicles only. There is a necessity to build a low-cost security system for vehicles that common people can afford it and the manufacture can built-in the security system in a wide range of automobiles. This paper proposed a method for vehicle theft detection, tracking, and accident identification using the Internet of Things.