Design and Development of Web Based Embedded Robot for Safety and Security Applications


Dr. Subodh Kumar Panda, Associate Professor, UG Students, M Harshita, Nishmitha A R, Priyanka P
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, B N M Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


This paper proposes the design and development of an embedded system with a robot for safety and security application using wifi communication and the webserver. This compact design has a robot along with various peripherals and sensors for detecting hazardous gas leakage and performs necessary control actions like an alarm for fire accidents, intruder detection, and sends alert messages to the local system. The robot can extinguish the fire and monitors the area inside the industry and passes the audio-video streaming to the local system. This robot also has a battery-powered wireless AV camera which provides robotic in-front environment information to the local and remote system and performs the audio and video streaming through a web server.