Design & Development of a Semi-Automatic Cleaning, Disinfecting and Drying Machine for Fruits and Vegetables


Kaustubh G. Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, Atul M. Elgandelwar, Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT-World Peace University, Pune, India.


The present work is introducing Batch-type Semi-Automatic Fruits/Vegetable Cleaning, Disinfection & Drying Machine designed to address the growing concern of foodborne illnesses and pesticide residues on fresh produce. The system contains two vital parts. One is a washer, and another is a dryer. Our innovative washer features a hinged tray submerged in water with two nozzles releasing ozone at 5 bar pressure, creating turbulence for optimal fruit/vegetable cleaning. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide enhances cleansing. Foot-operated pedal control facilitates easy operation, allowing for batch washing intervals. A butterfly valve efficiently drains used water after each cycle, ensuring hygiene and sustainability. The drying process involves manually transferring the tray from the washing chamber to the Dryer. A foot-operated pedal controls the flow of compressed air through nozzles and volume boosters, optimizing drying efficiency. Components include the tray for holding produce, foot-operated pedal for user control, and a network of nozzles and volume boosters for directing and regulating the airflow. A tray below collects residual water droplets, ensuring a comprehensive and effective drying process for fruits and vegetables. The distance between the dryer and the washer is such that the operator can easily pick up Tray from the washing chamber and place it on the dryer without moving any distance. The system employs an innovative three-stage process to ensure the hygiene and safety of fruits and vegetables. In the initial cleaning stage all the dirt, debris and surface contaminants will be removed by blowing air through the nozzles and the volume booster. This step is crucial in enhancing food safety and promoting public health. After completing the cleaning procedure, the washing procedure will be started. The nozzles will start a turbulence in the washer. Due to the turbulence the fruits or vegetables start to rotate, and a force will act on the fruits or vegetables tangentially. This force will remove the particles present on the surface of the fruits or vegetables. Then the washed fruits must be placed on the drier. With the help of airflow through the nozzles and volume booster of the dryer, the washed fruits will be dried.