Design of Boost Converter With Mppt Controller for Solar Power Tracking System


Ch  Kiran Kumar, Assistant Professor, S Supriya, N Srikanth, T Viswateja, M.Reshma, V Sai Manaswini
Department of EEE, QIS College of Engineering and Technology, Ongole, India.


In modern time electricity demand is increasing day by day, renewable energy sources are best alternative solution to challenge fossil fuels for energy consumption. The increase in use of renewable energy sources lead to use of more photovaltic system which has higher advantages. In this paper we will discuss how to extract the Maximum power point from solar array and to get controlled photovoltaic power. We will use Incremental conductance method for MPPT & is used to get maximum power point from solar Array and feed it to boost converter which steps up the voltage to the required level. The algorithms utilized for MPPT are generalized algorithms and are easy to model or use as a code. The algorithms are written in m files of MATLAB and utilized in simulation. Both the boost converter and solar cell are model using Sim Power System blocks.