Design of Speed Controller for The SRM


Mukesh Kumar Kumawat, Associate-Professor  
Electrical Engineering, SVIT Chincholi Nashik Maharashtra, India.
Nagendra Singh, Professor
Electrical Engineering Trinity College of Engineering Karim Nagar, Telangana, India.


This text shows that the modelling techniques and simulation of the SRM. Motor models with control for efficient working. The Initial model is expected on torque and flux generation through definite element analysis and therefore the secondary model is geometry-based model, which are would not to develop the operation logic control for all-quadrant control of an SRM. The results found from these models were would not to develop an impact processes to turn-on and turn-off complete commutation processed. Two controllers, namely the phase current controller for regulating current and thus the proportional-integral speed controller for regulating the speed of the SRM and They are developed to deliver the required output torque of the Switched Reluctance Motor. The controller has developed to base on a feedback for the closed-loop system also.