Detecting Fake News Tweets from Twitter


Cherlakola Abhinav Reddy, Sai Nitesh Gadiraju, Post graduation scholar, Dr. Samala Nagaraj, Assistant Professor
School of Business, Woxsen University, Telengana, India.


Online media has progressively obtained integral to the route billions of individuals experience news and occasions, frequently bypassing writers—the conventional guardians of breaking news. Occasions,in reality, make a relating spike of posts (tweets) on Twitter. This projects a great deal of significance on the validity of data found via online media stages like Twitter. We have utilized different managed learning techniques like Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees, and Support Vector Machines on the information to separate tweets among genuine and counterfeit news. For our AI models, we have utilized tweet and client highlights as our indicators. We accomplished a precision of 88% utilizing the Random Forest classifier and 88% utilizing the Decision tree. Notwithstanding, we accept that breaking down client records would build the accuracy of our models.