Detection and Isolation Technique for Sinkhole Attack in WSN


Urvashi Dhaked, M. Tech.Scholar, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Assistant. Professor, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Singh, Professor
C.S.E. Department, R.B.S. Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri, Agra, U.P., India.


The WSN is a self-configuring network in which no centralized control is available. The sensing devices are considered as the nodes. These nodes have small size and low-cost. Primarily, the deployment of these networks is done in the military areas in order to monitor the activities of conflicting sides. These networks can monitor all the movement of energy. Malicious nodes can also join the network and trigger different types of active & passive attacks. The major kind of active attack is sinkhole intrusion. Such an attack allows the attacker node to spoof the identity of sink and act like sink itself. The sensor nodes focus on the transmission of information to the attacker node instead of BS. This research study suggests an algorithm to explore and segregate the attacker nodes from the network. This algorithm is designed on the basis of the identify confirmation. The NS2 (Network Simulator 2) is utilized to deploy the suggested algorithm and diverse metrics are utilized for analyzing the results.