Determinants of cross selling through mobile apps in Indian Banks – A Factor Analysis Approach


Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava, Associate Professor, Dr. Minal Shah, Assistant Professor
Department of Management, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, (C.G.) India.


With the release of world economic forums report on “New physics of financial services”, the financial ecosystem of India will adapt to digital transformation and artificial intelligence. This will change the competitive dynamics and operating models of Indian Banking Sector creating opportunities to procure and secure customers. The steadiest path to address the challenge is Cross selling. From reduced customer acquisition cost to increase in the wallet share, the economics and financials of cross selling are very compelling and hence have become the strategic priority for Indian banking sector. Banks are placing greater emphasis on providing improved services to their clients, upgrading their expertise to augment customer’s overall experience thereby earning competitive edge. The banking complexity that spans multiple lines of products, diverse serviceable areas and distinct technologies and business processes must be coordinated using mobile banking apps to deliver effective cross-sell programs which the present study proposes.