Developing the Rural Economy Structure in Agriculture Towards the Betterment of India’s Economy


Dhruv Chamaria, Karan Chothani, Shivani Darekar, Viral Darji, Pinki Vishwakarma
Computer Engineering Department, Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai, India.


India is primarily a rural region, with more than half of the country’s population and 70 percent of the work force living in rural areas. Approximately 46 percent of national income depends on rural income making it one of the highest contributors of the national economy. Urbanization of inhabitants of rural sector though increasing on an average, it is projected that around 2050 more than half of the national population will be living in rural sectors. Urbanization thus not only affects the economy of the rural sector but, also leaves illiterate farmers back in the village with no manpower and a lot of area. Thus, growth and development of rural economy and population are one of the key factors, to overall growth and comprehensive development of the country. This paper makes an attempt as an assessment in proposing a solution developing a web-based solution for the farmers to find man-power, experts and potential investors for their land. The solution proposed will have different modules to help farmers in every way possible from finding an investor to helping them sell their harvest online to finding man-power their lands.