Development of a Wireless Charging System Prototype for Electric Vehicles in Motion


Rupali Sinha, Sakshi Bangia
Department of Electrical Engineering, J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad, Haryana, India.


Electric vehicles (EVs), a transformative technology in the transportation sector, are emerging as a great alternative to conventionally utilized internal combustion (IC) engines, with the promising vision of decarbonizing the transportation sector. However, the integration of EVs comes with its share of challenges. Addressing these challenges requires innovative technical solutions. One such solution is the implementation of wireless charging technology for moving EVs, which has become the focus of emerging research to reduce charging time and increase the efficiency of corresponding infrastructure deployments. This paper concentrates on the development and implementation of a Wireless Charging System (WCS) for moving EVs. A prototype of the WCS is developed and presented. The study demonstrates that as the distance between the receiving coil and the transmission coil increases, the charging time of the vehicle’s battery also increases. The findings shed light on the potential of wireless charging systems to revolutionize the charging process for electric vehicles, thereby contributing to the widespread adoption of EVs and the reduction of carbon emissions in the transportation sector.