Development of Telematics Control Unit for Electric Vehicles


S J Ruthvik, Venkatesh S, Associate Professor
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, RV College of Engineering, Karnataka, India.


The invention of electric vehicles has given rise to a greener and more environmentally friendly transportation technology which is the need of the hour in order to ensure the planet is safe for future inhabitants. In today’s fast-paced world, technology is rapidly changing, with time efficiency being one of the major motives for the development of newer technologies. Transportation is one of the major sectors today has a great demand for fleet management systems in order to track, control and visualize the vehicle and its parameters in real-time. Hence, the development of a Telematics Control Unit that bridges the gap between the vehicle and the user is absolutely necessary. The primary objective is to develop a system that enables control, tracking, and visualization of the vehicle location and other parameters from a remote location. In order to realize such a system, a technology called the Internet of Things has been adopted which acts as a framework for the development and implementation of the product providing an end-to-end solution. Various state-of-the-art protocols such as MQTT, CAN, USART, etc., and platforms such as AWS have been used in order to bridge the gap between the hardware devices, cloud platforms, and end user-interface applications. Various parameters from the vehicle are obtained and transmitted onto the cloud for easy analysis and tracking of the vehicle and its health, thus, ensuring real-time monitoring and safety of the vehicle in on-road or off-road conditions.