Digital Forensic Tools Used in Analyzing Cybercrime


Mohammad Dweikat, Derar Eleyan
Applied Computing, Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, Tulkarem, Palestine.
Amna Eleyan
Department of Computing and Mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.


With the development of technology, crime has become not limited to traditional crimes, but has evolved in its modern sense into electronic crimes that have their own tools for penetration, extortion, theft, money laundering and electronic exchange, and concealing the effects of these crimes increases the difficulty of investigation. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop electronic tools in forensic medicine to keep pace with this type of crime, search for criminals and collect evidence to be used against them before the court, and from here the topic of these tools has evolved, and we will also address in this scientific paper these tools and identify their strengths and weaknesses and suggest appropriate solutions and tools. That covers all aspects of the evidence to assist the investigators in selecting the appropriate tool.