Digital Metamorphosis in Banking and Financial Services


Dr. Bhavani Shree, Associate Professor, Dr. Lakshmi.P, Associate Professor, Shravan MB, Assistant Professor
Department of Business AdministrationVidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore, India.


The banking sector plays an imperative role in the country’s development. The development of the bankingsector depends upon the services provided by them to the customers in various aspects. New competitors to the market, new business models,and changing customer expectations and disintegration of traditional services are all backing to put traditional banks undertremendous pressure to unveiling new technology for their operations. Most of the banks start pioneering banking with object to create more value-based customers. ATM, NEFT, Internet banking, SMS banking, RTGS, Mobile banking,and cheque truncation system are some ofthe existing innovations. But there are some new innovations used by non-banking institutionsand a few other foreign banks. These new innovations may be seized by the Indian banks. So, this paper enlightens the knowledge light onnew innovations in the banking and financial sector.The article targets defining digital transformations in banking, outlining how banks are developing and pointing out who the technology itself will be disruptive for the banking sector, but rather how they can deploy the technologies that cause disruptions,.