Digitalization in HR tools and it’s convenience among Employees


Banasankari. K, Dr Mohammed Javed Kalburgi, Professor and HoD
DMS, Ballari Institute of Technology and Management Ballari, India.


Organizations are reshaping themselves because of digital transformation it helps the organization in reducing the burden regarding cost and saves time, which very precious now days. This main purpose of this study is to understand the role Digital in HR tools and its convenience among employees. The Research information of the study was collected from primary and secondary sources of data. Primary data was collected from specified employees through questionnaires and valid discussion. Secondary source was from websites, literature reviews etc. The major findings of the study were that employees of the organization are very much satisfied due to the digital HR tools which are provided for them and it is in convenient form where they can access the tools without any issues. New technologies in the organization supports employee in carrier growth.