Discourse of Female in The Andalusian Poetry A Style in The Light of The Feminist Criticism


Dr. Ali Mohammad Abid, Assistant Teacher
Anbar University / College of Arts, Iraq.
Dr. Ramadan Mahmoud Karim, Assistant Teacher, Dr. Hussain Omran Mohammed, Assistant Teacher
Karmian University / College of Education, Iraq.


This research entitled “Female Discourse in Andalusian Poetry as Approach in the Light of Feminist Criticism” selected a female literary achievement as a different authority and a cultural given to an important and marginalized segment in the history of Arab literature, in addition to being a poetic matrix that reveals the feminine vision of its issues and problems. The research focused on two main section , first – the patriarchal system, in which it shed light on the concept of patriarchy and its various patterns in the female poetic code, especially 1- racial authoritarianism and color discrimination 2- class authoritarianism 3- political patriarchy. Second – Sex (Gender) and this section concerned with the distinction between terms used in this cognitive field, its gender, sexuality and sexual pattern, then it dealt with gender according to 1- traditional gender roles 2- Breaking the gender role 3- The plurality of the gender role 4- Gender identity. The research invested in the approach and treatment of the most prominent propositions of feminist criticism, especially the perspective of male domination over society, and its various manifestations, as well as site policies and the shifting of patterns, and the research ended with a package of results, then followed by a glossary of the footnotes, followed by the bibliographies and references.