Discrete Design Optimization Of A 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Type Induction Motor


Pritish Kumar Ghosh, Pradip Kumar Sadhu
Department of Electrical Engineering IIT (ISM), Dhanbad.


The broad application of modern industrial drives is implemented as a three-phase squirrelcage type induction motor. The outpaced their predecessor the D.C motors for various advantages they have. Slip-ring or phase-wound types are used as adjustable-speed drives. Later arrival of power-electronic equipment’s cage-type motors are additionally being utilized as customizable speed drives. The single-phase motors are also widely used for running small machineries and domestic appliances. The total expenses for these motors constitute the largest fraction of the total investment at the consumer end. Therefore, they must be developed cost-optimally. At the same time, they must correspond to the criteria defined by the client or the legislative requirements enforced by the authorities. If the design is produced according to recommendations offered in the text-books, we may expect to get merely a workable solution but not the costoptimum solution. For job work, it is cheap to utilize standard stampings since this approach avoids the cost of dies which is rather expensive. The paper presents an iterative procedure to get the cost-optimal solution subject to usual design constraints, using standard stampings available in the market. A case study has been made on its basis and optimal design approach saves money.